Loving God, One Life at a Time
Who is BT?
Biblical Teaching. Relevant Worship. Global Concern.

As a network of churches, BT or Buena Tierra [rooted in the good soil] is focused on reaching out to those around us and growing deeper in God. Baptist Temple, is a place that seeks God. Seeking God is about relationship. It is about grace and mercy. It is about connecting and communing with the Father of Creation who seeks a relationship with us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
We want to be a place that values each other. We are not about empty relationships, courtesy “how ya doin’s,” or cloning a certain type of person. We are a diverse group of unique individuals. We are teachers, lawyers, carpenters, students, house moms, pizza deliverers, hunters, writers, bookbinders, skateboarders, painters, musicians, and bikers. We find our common ground in Jesus Christ. We love each other for the individuals that God has made us. We find strength in our diversity. We value each other for the beautiful, fragile, unique souls inside. We are a family.

We want to know our community, our nation, and our world. We don’t ask people to look like us. We value our individual differences, our unique family traditions, our diverse ideas, and the contribution each of us can make to the BT family. We want to know each member. We want to journey together. We want to share who God is to us, and what Christ has done in each of our lives. We want each member to feel free to share with us. We want to know your story. You are welcome here regardless of your race, religion, background, gender, marital status, hair color, piercing, braided belt, or tax bracket.

We are here on a journey together. We want to know God deeper. We want to experience His Beauty. We are figuring things out together. We don’t have all the answers. We are not perfect. We are learning as we go. We want to learn from each other. Tell us your story. Let us share ours with you through ministering side by side.

Let’s be real. Let’s dump empty rituals, traditions, and facades. Let’s find grace together. Heal the wounds. Fill the void.